Resources for New and Current Volunteers

Upcoming Events

    • Chat & Chew! The Chat and Chew will be a time for VLN housing staff and volunteers to eat a (virtual) lunch together, chat about a housing topic, and socialize with one another.  This will be an informal event.  There will be no power point presentations, but instead a brief introduction to a topic by a VLN staff member, followed by a discussion. Volunteers are encouraged to share stories of their experiences with housing cases with one another, and maybe learn a little – and of course, do some chewing too!  


Full Representation

    • Eviction Expungement VLN needs volunteers to represent clients in eviction expungement cases in Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey counties. 
    • Rent Escrow VLN needs volunteers to represent clients in rent escrow cases in the City of Minneapolis. 
    • Eviction Representation Project The goal of the ERP is to engage and train volunteer lawyers to provide full representation legal services to as many tenants going through an eviction as possible on an ongoing basis. Research has shown tenants who are represented in Housing Court do much better than tenants who represent themselves. VLN seeks to support ERP volunteers interested in doing work in Anoka, Hennepin and Ramsey counties. 

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Housing Law in Action!

    • Click here to learn more about VLN’s housing volunteers’ impact on the community and how they ensure low-income Minnesotans have equal access to justice.