On-demand CLEs can be a convenient way to learn more and fulfill your CLE requirements from the comfort of your own office (or home). Below are on-demand CLE options from VLN, Legal Services State Support, and the Practising Law Institute (eligible for credit in MN).

VLN currently offers the following on-demand CLEs:

  •  Representing Pro Bono Clients (1.0 credit): Three videos that, together, constitute one hour of learning. Application Pending.
  • .75 hour: How the Racial Wealth Gap Was Created (.75 credit): This combination of two short videos (here and here) explores how our social institutions have in the past and continue to disproportionately channel wealth and power to white people. Essential learning for all who are interested in better understanding one cause of Black anger and frustration in our communities. CLE event code 305916, expires May 27 2022.
  • 1.5 hours: 13th – documentary on streaming Netflix (1.5 credits): This film explores the intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States;” it is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which freed the slaves and prohibited slavery (unless as punishment for a crime). CLE event code 279412, expires 10/15/2021.
  • 1.0 hours: Cracking the Codes – The System of Racial Inequity (1.0 standard credits) A free YouTube video featuring numerous people telling stories about their experiences of race and racism. Created by filmmaker Shakti Butler, it explores how racism is based on history, culture and identity. The internal workings of the system of racism and economic power are bias – both conscious and unconscious; privilege – which should be equally distributed among all people but is not; and internalized racialization – “those places where we absorb the messages about who we are and where we belong, that we’re either aware of or not aware of, that we’re either resisting or succumbing to.”  CLE event code 258815, expires 06/20/20.
  • 2.0 hours: Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice* (2.0 EOB credits): The complete streaming video from the nationally-acclaimed Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice curriculum. This features Dr. Donna Beegle before a live audience of judges and attorneys sharing the experiences of those living in generational poverty, addressing common questions and misconceptions, and sharing concrete suggestions for how pro bono attorneys can increase their clients’ access to the justice system. CLE event code 279258, expires 10/9/2021.
  • Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic Volunteer Training (1.75 CLE credits): An 8-video recording of volunteer training hosted at Southern MN Legal Services for the Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic. CLE event code 262730, expires 06/30/2020.
    Please review the following additional materials:

To watch the applicable on-demand CLE, click on the link above. After you have watched the on-demand CLE, please register with VLN (we need to maintain these records for the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education) and then report your attendance (using the event code) to the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education.

In addition, here are on-demand CLEs from Legal Services State Support.

Additionally, the Practising Law Institute offers a number of free on-demand CLEs related to pro bono work, many of which are eligible for credit in MN.