On-demand CLEs can be a convenient way to learn more and fulfill your CLE requirements from the comfort of your own office (or home). Below are on-demand CLE options from VLN, Legal Services State Support, and the Practising Law Institute (eligible for credit in MN).

VLN currently offers the following on-demand CLEs:

  • Eviction Expungement: Highlighting the New Laws: On Demand
    This VLN training covers the new laws that came into effect January 1, 2024, including which cases should be automatically expunged and which will need a motion, along with the basics of Eviction Expungement in Minnesota.
  • Housing Court Clinic: Highlighting the New Laws: On Demand
    This VLN training covers everything our housing court clinic volunteers need to know about how the new laws impact their work.
  • Housing Court Clinic Training Basics: On Demand
    This training is for lawyers who are new (or new’ish) to housing court clinic work.  Join VLN staff attorney Sebastian Ellefson as he explains eviction court basics.  He’ll talk about the timeline of evictions, the most common eviction defenses, how our courthouse clinics work (virtually and in person) and why housing court work is a great way to provide pro bono services to low-income Minnesotans.
  • Rent Escrow Training 101: On Demand
    When a landlord won’t make repairs, tenants can sue in court with a rent escrow action to get repairs made. This training will walk volunteers through the basics of the rent escrow process, from the 14-day letter to possible trial, hopefully giving volunteers the tools to successfully take on a rent escrow case for a low-income tenant!
  • Eviction Defense 201: Beyond Jurisdictional Defenses: On Demand (April 2023)
    This training builds upon VLN’s first eviction defense training, “Responding to the Surge”, by going more in-depth into common eviction defenses we see in housing courts such as repair issues, retaliation, non-material breach, inappropriate ledger charges and fair housing.

To watch the applicable on-demand CLE, click on the links above. After you have watched the on-demand CLE, please register with VLN (we need to maintain these records for the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education) and then report your attendance (using the event code) to the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education.

In addition, here are on-demand CLEs from Legal Services State Support.

Additionally, the Practising Law Institute offers a number of free on-demand CLEs related to pro bono work, many of which are eligible for credit in MN.