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If you sold a car titled in the State of Minnesota and failed to transfer the title to the buyer of the car you may have legal problems if the buyer never transferred the title of the car from your name to the buyer’s name.  People who have sold a car but failed to transfer the title to the buyer can have problems such as getting parking tickets, getting failure to maintain registration tickets, and getting sued for car accidents.  It is best to prevent these and other problems from happening by resolving the car title problem so that governmental agencies and other people do not mistake you as being the person who broke the law to get tickets or who caused an accident.

People who have sold a car titled in Minnesota but failed to transfer the title to the car may want to file a motion with a District Court in Minnesota to try to get a court order forcing the title of the vehicle to be transferred from the name of the seller to the name of the buyer.  Unfortunately, obtaining a court order changing the name of the owner on the title to a motor vehicle is not the same thing as resolving parking tickets and failure to maintain registration tickets already received before the title issue was resolved and does not resolve any lawsuits or judgments related to car accidents that occurred before the title issue was resolved.  If you have gotten tickets or been sued related to a car title problem, you should consult a lawyer immediately.

If you want advice about how to try to fix a car title problem, Volunteer Lawyers Network may be able to provide free legal advice to low-income sellers of cars who have failed to transfer a car titled in Minnesota.  Please contract Volunteer Lawyers Network’s intake line at 612-752-6677 to determine if you qualify for free legal help.

If you do not qualify for free legal help, another attorney may still be able to help you or represent you.  You can call the Minnesota Lawyer Information Service at 612-752-6699 for help finding a private attorney to hire for a fee.

You also may represent yourself.  Volunteer Lawyers Network has created instructions and forms related to correcting the failure of a seller to properly transfer the title of a motor vehicle to a buyer in the State of Minnesota at the time of sale that are provided on this website for informational and educational purposes only.

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