Volunteer at Legal Access Point ClinicRepresenting a Client Through VLN

VLN strives to provide the highest quality of services for our clients and the highest level of support for our volunteers. This page describes the procedures and expectations for taking a full representation case a case through VLN. (Substantive legal information is found on our resources page.)

Starting a VLN Case

Getting a case

If you are seeking a case, please call VLN at (612) 752-6655 to speak to a case placement coordinator. VLN staff will also be contacting you with volunteer opportunities in your areas of interest. When you take a case, VLN staff will provide you a summary of the client’s issue and relevant documents.

Contacting Your Client

Please contact your client within 10 days of accepting the case. If you are unable to do this, please let your case placement coordinator know immediately.

VLN Representation Agreement

All VLN volunteers and clients must sign a VLN Representation Agreement. Please review it with your client, sign and retain the original, and mail, fax or email a copy to the case placement coordinator.

Meeting Space

VLN has meeting space available during business hours. If you would like to meet here, please contact your case coordinator to reserve a room.

Mailing Address, Faxes and Phone Number

Volunteers may receive mail, phone messages and faxes at VLN. Please notify the case coordinator if you would like to receive communication through VLN.


For phone calls, use
(612) 752-6655. VLN will take a message and forward it on to you by phone or email.


For mail, use
600 Nicollet Mall, Ste 390A
Minneapolis, MN 55402


For faxes, use
(612) 752-6656.


VLN provides many resources to help you with the case, including sample forms, substantive guides and recorded trainings.

Mentor Attorneys

Experienced mentors are available to assist volunteers on their pro bono case. Please contact the case coordinator for your case or (612) 752-6655 to request a mentor for your case.

In Forma Pauperis (Fee Waiver)

Many VLN clients are eligible to receive a court filing fee (and other fees) waiver. Please see the VLN resources page or contact a VLN staff person for more information about fee waivers for your case.


Concluding Representation with Your Client

To ensure that your client understands that your work on the case has concluded, send a case closing letter to your client.

Closing Your Case with VLN

To close your full representation case with VLN, please consult the following checklist:

  1. Closing Form – Complete the case closing form, including telling us about the impact of your work, feedback about our support, suggestions for improvements, etc.
  2. Final Order – Send VLN a copy of the final order. You can attach an electronic copy to the online closing form or mail/fax in a hard copy.
  3. Representation Agreement – Send VLN a copy of the representation agreement if you have not already done so.