Housing Law Phone Advice

VLN needs volunteers to take phone advice clinic shifts every weekday from 2-4pm. Phone clinic attorneys provide brief advice or services to 2-4 clients per shift. Clients have a variety of Minnesota-specific housing law issues, including: repairs and quality of accommodations, evictions (UDs), overstaying guests, landlord harassment or access violations, Section 8 or public housing terminations, a​nd eviction/UD expungement. Volunteers provide advice and can help with drafting court forms, writing letters, or making phone calls on behalf of clients to try to help resolve the issue. If you are interested in picking up a phone clinic shift, please contact Kait.

Funding For Tenants

Statewide Executive Orders Regarding Evictions

Updates in Local Housing Law

Commonly Used Court Forms

COVID-19 Resources and Information for Housing Attorneys

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