VLN’s housing volunteers have a huge impact on the community. Below you can learn more about how our work ensures low-income Minnesotans have equal access to justice.

View this year’s Riverfront Celebration Client Story about SA, who got help with her rent escrow case from one of our volunteer lawyers. 

Read the report here.

2022 Annual Housing Law Seminar Volunteer Awards, presented April 25th, 2023
This year, we recognize VLN volunteers and firms Mark Vyvyan and Wells Fargo. Read about this years award winners here.

Housing Law Program in the News

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Legal Representation in Evictions – Comparative Study, 2018
Volunteer Lawyers Network and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid teamed up to get you the actual numbers when it comes to eviction defense. Research has shown tenants who are represented in Housing Court do much better than tenants who represent themselves.

Here is what clients are saying about VLN Housing volunteers:

“I am very pleased to say I have secured housing… I was one of the first tenants to move into a brand new building. Thanks to the eviction expungement program I had no issues on my rental history no set-backs or hold-ups. Thank you for all of the work and dedication VLN provides in the community it’s greatly appreciated.”

I never thought I would be able to get these evictions off my record thank you

“Thank you for all your help. Without you we probably would not have made it.” 

I got the help I needed without feeling like I didn’t matter.

[My attorney] went above and beyond to help me with my case. She took care of everything for me and lifted the burden off my shoulders. She is very smart, patient, caring among other outstanding attributes and I’ll be forever grateful.

You are truly an AMAZING person for helping through this entire process. My gratitude is forever. You have NO IDEA how much me and my children will benefit from this!!!

I hope you feel great at the work you do knowing you make such an impact on a families livelihood!

God bless you!

[My attorney] went above and beyond. This is THE hardest time in my life, and having her do what she did for my family was like giving us air to breath!

Thank you very very much!! I am truly so happy! I have a second Chance at a better life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really believe your a great person!

I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to, I was ashamed to share with anybody. They made it easier and accepted me. “These things do happen” they said, they did a really good job of helping me.

Oh my goodness thank you so much, I can finally go look for a place for me and my little one.

VLN is a blessing sent from the good lord above. I can’t say enough about the people who work for VLN. My life is full of unfortunate circumstances and it seems like the people at VLN understand that, they know how hard it is to go through the legal system without proper representation. I honestly thank God for you folks. God bless every person who works for VLN.

“You guys helped me out very much. I appreciate it! My girlfriend helped me out – she hooked me up with [the eviction expungement clinic], I got accepted, and now I have a new life. I appreciate it.. you guys helped me out so very much. My son has a UD and I’m gonna tell him to call you guys to see if you can help him out too.”

Not sure if your volunteering matters? See what the courts have to say about it here and here!

Staff and Volunteers in the Community: