Housing Law Program In Action

VLN’s housing volunteers have a huge impact on the community. Below you can learn more about how our work ensures low-income Minnesotans have equal access to justice.
Housing Law Program in the News:

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Here is what clients are saying about VLN Housing volunteers:

Thank you very very much!! I am truly so happy! I have a second Chance at a better life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really believe your a great person!

I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to, I was ashamed to share with anybody. They made it easier and accepted me. “These things do happen” they said, they did a really good job of helping me.

Oh my goodness thank you so much, I can finally go look for a place for me and my little one.

VLN is a blessing sent from the good lord above. I can’t say enough about the people who work for VLN. My life is full of unfortunate circumstances and it seems like the people at VLN understand that, they know how hard it is to go through the legal system without proper representation. I honestly thank God for you folks. God bless every person who works for VLN.

“You guys helped me out very much. I appreciate it! My girlfriend helped me out – she hooked me up with [the eviction expungement clinic], I got accepted, and now I have a new life. I appreciate it.. you guys helped me out so very much. My son has a UD and I’m gonna tell him to call you guys to see if you can help him out too.”

“[I was homeless, when I attended the eviction expungement clinic, then] my uncle got me moved in with a neighbor – I have a whole downstairs and kitchen now. I help her too at the same time. Downstairs is a whole efficiency. I need to be on the bus line, so I need to start looking more for a different place. Last month I looked at a place and nothing came back on my record (it was too expensive, so I didn’t take it), but thanks so much for helping me out!”

“[When I attended the eviction expungement clinic, I was] living in a homeless shelter – having a hard time finding housing due to having 5 UDs on my record. Found a place but had to add on extra deposit due to the UDs. So, it was a tough situation. 4/5 UDs were expunged. Had found an apartment and the manger was very supportive knowing that 4/5 UDs were being expunged and was willing to work with me. I’ll have been there a year in September, and they’ve been very supportive. And I was worried about whether they were gonna give me a year and they did. So that was really nice.  Planning to stay there. My mom was also given an opportunity to stay there, helped my mom get a settlement for my mom’s UD and found her a place to live.  I was scared as hell and you guys really eased my mind and felt good having someone have my back going through the procedure.”

“Super, super helpful. They went out of their way and they were very, very, very respectful and polite. And really considerate to our situation.”

“The services are awesome for the people that are in need of it – people who are in the situation like me before. It was so important for me because I didn’t know what steps to take or avenues to use. It was an awesome experience – I learned a lot. And I know for sure I’ll never be in that situation again if I can help it. The experience was awesome, and the lawyer was nice and professional.”

“They were right there, I got to court and they were there. I didn’t know what I was going to do, how it was going to work out, I just looked up and it was like a blessing from the lord – someone was there. They knew what they were talking about and weren’t going to let the people at the courthouse bully me. They turned a really bad situation into a situation that I could deal with.”

“I really liked the attorney I worked with, she was a big help, we won the case so that was even better.”

Staff and Volunteers in the Community: