Eviction Representation Project
Studies have shown that when tenants are represented by an attorney in an eviction proceeding, they do much better. The Eviction Representation Project (ERP) is a joint undertaking by VLN and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid at the Hennepin County Housing Court. The purpose of the ERP is to provide full representation to tenants during their initial appearance eviction hearings and subsequent trial (if scheduled) in Hennepin County. Time commitment is one ERP shift (Monday or Wednesday from 1:00 – 4:00) and then approximately 20 – 30 hours in the following 2 weeks if a trial is scheduled. On demand training and on-site mentoring and shadowing opportunities are available.

Please contact Steve if you are interested in volunteering. 

Video of Training Presentation (2.5 hours)
ERP Power Point Presentation (by Larry McDonough)
ERP Project Overview 1/17/19 (written description by Steven Swanson)
ERP Packet (including eviction defense checklist, settlement agreement, IFP and Notice of Withdrawal)