Clinic Services

Do you want to volunteer with VLN’s housing program but can’t take on the time commitment of a full representation case? VLN’s phone and court clinics are 2-3 hour shifts. You can choose to volunteer on a recurring basis or just pick up a shift when the time is right. Our friendly and dedicated staff attorneys are there to support you as much as you need! Contact Kait for more information.

Court vs. Phone Clinics
What’s the difference?

Court Clinics (ZOOM)

Phone Clinics

  • When: Monday – Friday, 2-4pm
  • Who you will serve: 2-4 clients with a variety of Minnesota-specific housing law issues, including: repairs and quality of accommodations, evictions (UDs), overstaying guests, landlord harassment or access violations, Section 8 or public housing terminations, and eviction/UD expungement.
  • What: Volunteers provide advice and can help with drafting court forms, writing letters, or making phone calls on behalf of clients to try to resolve the issue. 
  • Check out our Phone Advice Practice Tip! A training guide for new volunteers, and a refresher for the old.
  • Click here to sign up for a phone clinic shift!