CLEs and Trainings on Housing Issues

  • Eviction Basics (April 2018) Highly recommended for all volunteers!

Rent Escrow Training

Eviction Representation Training

Anoka County Housing Court Clinic (March 2020)
+++Video Presentation (2 hours)
+++Additional Materials available at Larry McDonough’s Housing Law Website

Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic (July 2018)
+++Video Presentation (2 hours)

+++Slideshow: Training
+++Slideshow: Ramsey Housing Eviction Hypotheticals

Federally-Assisted Housing 101: Section 8, Public Housing and More; What Housing Volunteers Should Know (November 2018)
+++Video Presentation (1 hour)
+++Selected Decisions Involving Federally Regulated Rental Subsidy Programs
+++Subsidized tenancy table

Minnesota Landlord-Tenant Anti-Retaliation Law after Central Housing Associates v. Olson by Paul Birnberg, former Senior Housing Attorney from HOME Line (September 2019)
+++Sample Affidavit of Rent Escrow
+++Cloverdale Foods v. Pioneer Snacks, 4:94-CV-00331 (D. Minn. Apr. 08, 1994)
++++++Court Docket
++++++Petitioner’s (landlord) appeal brief
++++++Respondent’s (tenant) appeal brief
+++Green v. Formanek, HC-1991123900 (4th Judicial District)
++++++Draft Affidavit for Rent Escrow (never filed)
++++++Tenant’s Memorandum Regarding Subject Matter Jurisdiction
+++Reyes v. LO2, 27-CV-18-20483 (D. Minn. 2018)
++++++Plaintiff’s Memo in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order