Please note: on-demand CLE credit is only available for the Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic training at this time. Please see our Ramsey County Housing Court Project page to view the CLE and find information on how to receive CLE credit for that course. 

Evictions Basics Training (April 2018) Highly recommended for all volunteers!
+++Video presentation (1 hour)
+++ Materials

Federally-Assisted Housing 101: Section 8, Public Housing and More; What Housing Volunteers Should Know (November 2018)
+++Video presentation (1 hour)
+++Federally Subsidized Housing slides
+++Selected Decisions Involving Federally Regulated Rental Subsidy Programs
+++Subsidized tenancy table

Minnesota Landlord-Tenant Anti-Retaliation Law after Central Housing Associates v. Olson by Paul Birnberg, former Senior Housing Attorney from HOME Line (September 2019)
+++CLE Powerpoint Presentation
+++Sample Affidavit of Rent Escrow
+++Cloverdale Foods v. Pioneer Snacks, 4:94-CV-00331 (D. Minn. Apr. 08, 1994)
++++++Court Docket
++++++Petitioner’s (landlord) appeal brief
++++++Respondent’s (tenant) appeal brief
+++Green v. Formanek, HC-1991123900 (4th Judicial District)
++++++Draft Affidavit for Rent Escrow (never filed)
++++++Tenant’s Memorandum Regarding Subject Matter Jurisdiction
+++Reyes v. LO2, 27-CV-18-20483 (D. Minn. 2018)
++++++Plaintiff’s Memo in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

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