Additional Resources:

VLN Volunteer Handbook

This resource includes information about the relationship between VLN and our volunteer, recommendations on how to handle cases and provide services, e-filing and e-serving, and much more.

Recording: The Landscape of Collateral Consequences, Racial Disparities in the Justice System, Effects of Policy Choice 

Presenters in this session will discuss the collateral consequences of criminal justice system involvement specific to Minnesota, and the disproportionate impact on communities of color.

On-Demand CLE: Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice

This is the CLE that VLN requests when you register to volunteer. You can also read this three-page summary, which includes the most important concepts. (The link is a word document!) Both of these resources are based on the work of Dr. Donna Beegle. For the additional impact of race, see The Impact of Race on Pro Bono Services.

Essential Skills and Knowledge for Counseling and Problem Solving 

This manual includes information relevant to helping pro bono clients, such as understanding different types of poverty, building rapport, helping a client overcome specific barriers to participating in the case, how race and other factors intersect with poverty, and ensuring effective communication.

Working with Gender-Diverse Clients

Trauma-Informed Lawyering:

Click here to learn how understanding how trauma impacts clients can improve your ability to work with clients. Additionally, learning about secondary trauma can be important to understanding how pro bono work can impact yourself. Both these resources have to do with legal aid attorneys representing child victims, but the information is relevant to any attorney working with clients who may have trauma.