Since April 2006, VLN volunteers have been receiving the popular “Tip of the Month,” a short summary of an area of law (often new) that we think our volunteers will find useful.

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October – Fact Sheet: U Visa Certification for Immigrant Crime Victims

September – MCRO: A Step Forward in Transparency

August – Returning to the Office… Or Not

July – Overview of Minnesota’s Eviction Moratorium Phaseout

June – A Step-by-Step Overview of Full Representation Rent Escrow Cases

May – New Uniform Pro Bono Reporting Requirements

April – Learn Bankruptcy Law and Practice by Volunteering with VLN

March – Telling Clients When Legal Action is Not the Right Solution

February – Claiming CLE Credit for Pro Bono Work

January – A Worthwhile Endeavor: Helping Clients with Creditor Harassment


December – How to Amend Schedules A/B and C in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

November – Moving the Needle on Gender Bias

October – The Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act: Time to Apply is Running Out!

September – The CDC Moratorium and How it Affects Evictions in Minnesota

August – Using E-Signatures in District Court Filings

July – Home is Where the Health is

June – Proactive Steps for Undoing Racism in Ourselves and Our Systems

May – How to Advise Sellers on Car Title Transfers

April – Eviction Moratoriums During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

March – No More Living in Limbo: The Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (LRIFA)

February – Ensuring a “Fresh Start” After Bankruptcy: Credit Reporting

January – Suspension of Driver’s Licenses by the Child Support Agency


December – Timing Changes to Minnesota Court Rules

November – Bankruptcy and Shame

October – Requesting a Fee Waiver (“IFP”)

September – UPDATE: Understanding the New Regulation for “Public Charge”: what do I tell my client?

August – What Every Volunteer Attorney Should Know about Eviction Expungement

July – Uninsured Motorists and Loss of Driving Privileges for Civil Judgments

June – How to Clear Judgments After Completing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

May – Tackling Wage Theft

April – Service of Process Changes for Family and Civil Cases

March – How to Read a Register of Actions (ROA) for Criminal Expungement Purposes

February – Working with Gender Diverse Clients


January – Car Title Transfers for Private Sales

Click here for the Fact Sheet: HOW TO SELL A USED CAR TO A PERSON
Click here for the Fact Sheet: WHAT YOU CAN DO IF YOU SOLD A CAR


December – Understanding the Proposed Rule Change for Public Charge: “What do I tell my client?”

November – Holiday Spending

October – Working with Interpreters

September – Volunteer Resources

August – Criminal Expungement in Minnesota — Quick Reference Guide

July – Minnesota’s New Parenting Expense Adjustment in Calculating Child Support

June – “Legal Check-ups,” Family Preparedness and Transmitting Hope

May – Help with Common Challenges at Legal Clinics

April – Creating an Electronic Filing and Service (eFS) Account for Individual Attorneys with a Pro Bono-Only Practice

March – First Meeting with a Bankruptcy Client

February-DACA Renewal Update

January-The Cold Weather Rule Update


December-Statutes of Limitation, Statutes of Repose and Notice Requirements – At a Glance

November-There is no such thing as “judgment-proof.”

October-Credit Reports & the Equifax Breach

September-Current Information about the DACA Program and DACA Renewal Help

August-Important Information about Passports and Passports for Minor Children

July-Communication in the Landlord-Tenant Relationship

June-The Essential Skills for Counseling and Problem Solving at Clinics
Click here to read the full manual, updated June 2017

May-CLE Credit for Pro Bono Representation through VLN

April-Family Preparedness Toolkit – Minnesota

March-Travel Ban Update

February-Becoming an Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney through VLN

January-Post Election Advice for the Refugee and Immigrant Communities

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