Below are the forms and templates that our volunteers most frequently use. If you need any other forms, or have issue-specific questions, please contact the case placement coordinator or resource attorney in the area in which you are volunteering.

VLN Forms

Click here to download a blank Representation Agreement
Haga clic aquí por Acuerdo de Representación (Representation Agreement en Inglés y Español)

We ask that you use VLN’s Representation Agreement whenever you are undertaking full representation services for a VLN client. We’ve designed it to meet not only attorney ethical responsibilities, but our funding requirements as well.

Click here to download a blank Clinic Data Sheet

If you volunteer at one of our legal clinics, we will have clinic data sheets on hand for your convenience. Please ask clients to complete the first page and review with them the limited scope language at the bottom (it meets attorney ethical responsibilities). Page two elicits information from the client to help you identify their legal issue; the bottom includes a number of fields we ask you to complete so we may meet funding requirements.

Click here to access the online Case Closing Form

As an alternative to using the online Case Closing Form, please feel free to download and complete a Microsoft Word version of the VLN Case Closing Form and send the completed form to the VLN staff member you worked with.

Commonly-used court Forms

Click here to download a blank In Forma Pauperis Petition and Order

Complete this form to ask the court to waive the filing fee for your client. Once you’ve completed the form, we’re happy to walk it over to the courthouse to get it signed for you.