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December – Communicating for Success with Pro Bono Clients

November – Criminal Expungement (Advice and Referral)

October – How to Claim a Paycheck Exemption

September – How to Claim a Bank Exemption

August  – Getting the Best Outcomes for Your Clients at Clinics

July – Administrative Wage Garnishment

June – CLE Credit for Pro Bono

May – Post-Eviction Process

April – Court Forms Useful for Unbundled Legal Services

March – Avoiding Harmful Consequences When Representing Low-Income Clients

February – Meeting Your Professional Responsibilities When Providing Limited Scope Services

January – Assisting in Collections Lawsuits


December – Bankruptcy Notice of Responsibility

November – Helping Your Client Obtain Car Title

October – Houseguests Who Overstay Their Welcome

September – Building Effective Attorney-Client Relationships

August – Presumption of Parenting Time

July – Landlord-Tenant Law Update

June – Traveling Internationally with a Minor Child

May – Passport Suspension for Child Support Arrears

April – Homeowner’s Associations Liens Tip

March – Twelve Resources for Brief Services

February – Advising Pro Se Parties Preparing for Court

January – Criminal Expungement: Recent Developments


December – How to Make Quality Referrals

October – Tenant Rights When a Landlord Loses the Building to Foreclosure

September – MN No Fault Auto Insurance

July – Identity Theft

May – CLE Credit for Pro Bono

April – Completing Bankruptcy Schedule

March – Online Clinic Resources & Completing VLN Paperwork


December – Ten Tips for New Family Law Attorneys

October – Criminal Expungement Tip

September – Changes to Mortgage Foreclosure Legislation

July – Understanding CHIPS Cases

April – Helping Landlords with Evictions

February – Working With Interpreters


December – Safe at Home – Confidential Address Program

November – Mechanics Liens

August– Drivers License Issues

July – End of Representation Letters

May – Spotting Equity Stripping

April  – Providing Quality Legal Advice

February – Collecting Judgments


September – Lawful Entry into the U.S.

August – Preventing Frivolous Claims (Pro Bono Clients)

June – Car Title Problems