We are Minnesota’s largest pro bono legal service provider.

We protect the basic legal rights of the most vulnerable in Minnesota, including the working poor—people who have challenges with balancing work and family responsibilities and are just one paycheck away from a financial disaster.

Last year, volunteers through VLN provided more than 9,000 professional legal services, an in-kind contribution to our community of more than $4 million.  That’s just the beginning of our return on investment in Minnesota.  If we help just one abused person obtain a divorce, that represents a savings of over $3,200 in avoided medical and mental healthcare expenses, lost productivity, and property damage.  Pro bono is a personal commitment which has a powerful impact on the lives of low-income Minnesotans.  We bring the power of pro bono legal services to Minnesota.

Your financial donation to VLN ensures unrestricted capacity to enable low-income Minnesotans to receive the wages they have earned, have adequate housing, and can keep their families safe and financially secure.  We receive over 500 calls on a monthly basis from people who are in need of our services. We are working hard to deliver pro bono legal services to low-income people located throughout Minnesota, but it takes our resource attorneys to develop community-based relationships and deliver workshops in Minnesota communities and it takes our case management and intake staff to connect clients to volunteers.

Bankruptcy ClientReal Life Impact

Jim and Carol both worked full time to make ends meet. Then Jim was diagnosed with a debilitating illness and could no longer work. Debts piled up for three years before Jim’s Social Security benefits were finally approved. During that time, debt collector harassment was relentless. Calls to Carol’s workplace threatened her job. And the stressful home environment hindered Jim’s recovery. With the help of a VLN volunteer lawyer, Jim and Carol filed for bankruptcy and were able to discharge their debts. Jim is now feeling better, the harassing calls have stopped and Jim and Carol are moving on with the fresh start provided by the bankruptcy.  More than 60% of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical situations like Jim’s.

We Need Your Help

We make pro bono legal services happen with our expertise.  We are fighting for fairness and justice for struggling families and individuals in Minnesota to have a chance to thrive and achieve self-sufficiency.

We appreciate your time, personal commitment, and financial support!

 Thank you to our 2014-2015 contributors.

Combined Federal Campaign

CFClogoVLN has been approved to participate in the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). For any federal employee, our CFC code is: 37649. For your convenience you can go to The Northern Lights CFC website to make an online pledge. We appreciate your support.