Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice is an online resource to help educate lawyers about poverty. It features streaming video of woman who grew up in generational poverty, Donna Beegle, Ph.D., presenting to a live audience of lawyers and judges about her experiences growing up in poverty, the barriers she and her family faced in trying to access the legal system, and how legal professionals can adapt to provide more effective representations. The objectives of the training are to create stronger client relationships, improved communication, and better legal outcomes for people in need.

This 1.5 hour on-demand CLE is a video replay of a CLE sponsored by the Minnesota State Bar Association on October 27, 2015. It is comprised of 30 minutes of excerpts from the Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice streaming video, interspersed with commentary from a panel of experienced pro bono attorneys and social worker. It can serve as a preview of the more complete Breaking Poverty Barriers to Equal Justice curriculum, which can be accessed at

1.5 elimination of bias credits for this 1.5 hour recording applied for (event code: 218208)

The curriculum was developed by a unique partnership among Lindquist & Vennum LLP, Volunteer Lawyers Network, Target and Communication Across Barriers. Lindquist & Vennum purchased the rights for pro bono legal services organizations across the country to access the materials for free. If you would like more information regarding sponsoring a live CLE based on these materials, please contact Cindy Anderson ([email protected]) or Martha Delaney ([email protected]).

To watch the 1.5 hour Snapshot CLE, click here and enter the password: msba27-PBW.

In Minnesota, 1.5 on-demand elimination bias CLE credits will be available for viewing the 1.5 hour of streaming video. To claim CLE credit, please click here .

  • If you are watching the video and have any substantive questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].
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