The below videos, together, constitute one hour of learning. One elimination of bias on-demand credit is pending approval.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions related to the video content, please contact Delaney Russell ([email protected]) or any VLN resource attorney. Thank you.

1) Donna Beegle, Ph.D., talking about some realities of those living in poverty. (Watch minutes 3:45 – 22:55)

2) Martha Delaney, JD, of Volunteer Lawyers Network, discussing concepts like the “hidden rules” that we all learned to get along in our daily lives and how these rules can differ for people of different economic backgrounds. It also includes ways to be more aware of our unconscious biases.


3) Dorinda Wider, JD, of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, discussing the skills people in poverty have developed to survive and some logistical suggestions for pro bono attorneys.