Our hundreds of dedicated volunteer attorneys provide the legal services that bring justice to Minnesotans experiencing poverty.

Their work is the core of what we do. But the support of VLN staff is what brings their skills and hard work to the people who need it most.

Sam* was recently facing eviction from her Twin Cities home. On the day of her court appearance, she had to choose between getting her multiple kids to school and showing up for her hearing on time.  By the time she got to the courthouse, the court had already ruled on the eviction and issued a writ of recovery.

When she arrived at the Housing Court Clinic, she was distraught and in tears. The prospect of losing her family’s home loomed, and she, like many renters, simply could not afford to pay what she owed her landlord.

Our housing clinic assistant, Shawn, was on the case. He got Sam water and found and made copies of necessary documents.
Our housing attorney, Ann, worked to quash the writ and get a new court date.

Now, Sam is confident she will have the emergency assistance she needs in place before her next court date.

Thanks to the extra time and resources Shawn and Ann helped Sam secure, her family is much better positioned to maintain their housing.

Sam’s story is what happens when pro bono happens.

Your gift, matched dollar for dollar by our generous Board of Directors, makes pro bono happen. Give to the Max by November 14 to keep people like Sam and her family safe, stable and secure in their homes.


*Client name changed for confidentiality.