It is a difficult decision for a survivor of domestic abuse to leave an abuser, and when living in rental housing, obligations under the lease can make the decision even more difficult. In addition to victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual assault and stalking may also need to move from their apartments and break their leases for safety. The impact of domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault extends well beyond physical and emotional harm to the victim. Changes to the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 2013 and changes to state statutes effective August 1, 2014 facilitate the victim’s escape from a violent home, and protect them from adverse actions by the landlord because of violence in their home. Read more >>

Submitted by: Christy Snow-Kaster, Esq., Central Minnesota Legal Services; Dorinda Wider, Esp., Mid Minnesota Legal Aid; and Chris Hanrahan, Resource Attorney, Volunteer Lawyers Network

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