Submitted by Jessica K. Galant, VLN Clinics VISTA

Below are links to the most frequently used resources at VLN’s general civil legal advice clinics.


  1. Collecting a Judgment in Civil Court
  2. Summary of Exempt Property
  3. Answer to a Complaint (Hot Doc form)


  1. Garnishment Summons
  2. Non-Earnings Disclosure
  3. Exemption Notices
  4. Creditor’s Objection to Exemption Claim
  5. Example Garnishment Return Demand Letter
  6. Garnishment Exemption Form (Hot Doc)


  1. Garnishment and Your Rights (Fact Sheet C-04)
  2. Motor Vehicle Transfer
  3. Registering Your Car and Getting Plates
  4. Transferring Title by Seller
  5. Identity Theft Affidavit
  6. Tips for Identity Theft Victims
  7. Credit Report- Request Removal Outdated
  8. Credit Report- Request Removal Inaccurate (en español)
  9. Protecting Income and Property from Levy or Garnishment


  1. Claims (Fact Sheet E-01)


  1. Getting a Landlord to Make Repairs (Fact Sheet H-11)
  2. Emergency Repair Problems (Fact Sheet H-12)
  3. Condemnations (Fact Sheet H-13)
  4. When Your Landlord Loses the Building (Fact Sheet H-14)
  5. Evictions (Fact Sheet H-26)
  6. Security Deposits (Fact Sheet H-29)
  7. Basics of Mortgage Foreclosure (Fact Sheet C-12)


  1. Community Resource Info Sheet
  2. Identity Theft Packet
  3. Criminal Expungement Referrals
  4. Attorney Suggestion and Referral Form

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