Since passage of the new expungement law, we have been working in partnership with Legal Services State Support and the Council on Crime and Justice to reprogram the HotDocs criminal expungement document assembly tool (HotDocs). This tool guides the user through compiling criminal expungement pleadings using a fill in the blank style format. It relies on pre-programmed conclusions about the user’s inputs to select the appropriate legal grounds for relief and to generate the necessary pleadings. HotDocs generates the pleadings in Microsoft Word, allowing the user to make any necessary edits and changes before printing. It is an efficient way to generate pleadings for a single case, but it pays dividends in hours saved when compiling pleadings for multiple cases. Read more >>

Submitted by: Chris Hanrahan, Resource Attorney

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pdfdownload2 June Tip of the Month –Criminal Expungement Document Assembly Tool