A pro bono representation is often a cross-cultural relationship between an attorney from middle class  and a client from generational poverty. An attorney’s failure to understand the challenges that people living in poverty face, and what strategies can overcome those challenges, can complicate, and maybe even derail, a pro bono representation.

To help address this, we have created an interactive educational “Working with Pro Bono Clients” wiki.   Topics include:

 * Seeing/Bridging Differences * Poverty 101 * Promoting Understanding *
* Empowerment *  Strategies for Success * Learn More *

Below is a screen shot of the first page of the wiki which provides information about the various ways to use the tool.  Please email [@encode@ email=”[email protected]” display=”[email protected]”] with any suggestions or questions you may have.




Download the Tip of the Month:

pdfdownload2 May Tip of the Month – New Tool to Learn about Working with People in Poverty