We are excited to announce our new online intake option for clients seeking services in the areas of bankruptcy, family, housing, and criminal expungement. Unlike our phone lines, which are confined to certain hours of the day, our online intake form is available to potential clients with access to the internet 24/7. Applicants for our services have told us they appreciate being able to apply anytime, having an alternative to calling, and saving the time of holding for a staff person. The form also gives potential clients information about our services.

Of course, not all of our clients have internet access or are as comfortable on a computer as on a phone. Standard phone intakes will continue to assist these individuals and possibly with less wait time as others go to our website instead.

Not only an advance in customer service, the online intake form saves staff time too, as they are reviewing information rather than obtaining it firsthand.

Stay tuned – the online intake form will be in Spanish by mid-summer as well as cover more VLN issues!

In the meantime, if your client has a bankruptcy, family, housing or criminal expungement issue, and has access to the internet, you now have two options to refer them to VLN:

Two other online resources

As noted in earlier tips, two other tools to help clients get the services they need are: