Submitted by John Krenn, Gray Plant Mooty

The mechanic’s lien statute attempts to create a reasonable compromise between two competing principles.  On the one hand, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers who provide labor and material to a property owner should be compensated for the assistance they provide.  On the other hand, a property owner who has already paid a contractor for labor and material, should not have to pay twice for the same goods and services.

In order to balance these two competing interests, the mechanic’s lien statute contains protections for both the suppliers of labor and materials and the property owners.  The Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien Law generally is contained in Chapter 514 of the Minnesota Statutes.  This discussion of mechanic’s lien law will start first with two lists of issues — one for claimants and one for those against whom claims are made.  Then, a full discussion of mechanic’s lien law follows. More…

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