General Civil Clinic Resources Index

Submitted by Jessica K. Galant, VLN Clinics VISTA

Below are links to the most frequently used resources at VLN’s general civil legal advice clinics.


  1. Collecting a Judgment in Civil Court
  2. Summary of Exempt Property
  3. Answer to a Complaint (Hot Doc form)


  1. Garnishment Summons
  2. Non-Earnings Disclosure
  3. Exemption Notices
  4. Creditor’s Objection to Exemption Claim
  5. Example Garnishment Return Demand Letter
  6. Garnishment Exemption Form (Hot Doc)


  1. Garnishment and Your Rights (Fact Sheet C-04)
  2. Motor Vehicle Transfer
  3. Registering Your Car and Getting Plates
  4. Transferring Title by Seller
  5. Identity Theft Affidavit
  6. Tips for Identity Theft Victims
  7. Credit Report- Request Removal Outdated
  8. Credit Report- Request Removal Inaccurate (en español)
  9. Protecting Income and Property from Levy or Garnishment


  1. Claims (Fact Sheet E-01)


  1. Getting a Landlord to Make Repairs (Fact Sheet H-11)
  2. Emergency Repair Problems (Fact Sheet H-12)
  3. Condemnations (Fact Sheet H-13)
  4. When Your Landlord Loses the Building (Fact Sheet H-14)
  5. Evictions (Fact Sheet H-26)
  6. Security Deposits (Fact Sheet H-29)
  7. Basics of Mortgage Foreclosure (Fact Sheet C-12)


  1. Community Resource Info Sheet
  2. Identity Theft Packet
  3. Criminal Expungement Referrals
  4. Attorney Suggestion and Referral Form

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