Attorney – Social Worker Collaboration

As more legal services clinics are co-located at social services agencies and schools, there are also greater opportunities for social workers and attorneys to collaborate to meet their client’s goals. While there are concerns raised with such collaborations, there are also tremendous benefits: for the client, the attorney and the social worker. January’s Tip of the Month focuses on the benefits of such collaborations and provides specific examples of when such collaborations are particularly helpful. This tip also identifies limitations and potential pitfalls of such collaborations and how they might be overcome. Read more >>

Submitted by: Marcy Harris and Muria Kruger

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pdfdownload2 January Tip of the Month – Attorney/Social Worker Collaboration

Conciliation Court Update

Effective August 1, 2014, the jurisdictional cap on the amount of a claim that can be filed in Conciliation Court is increasing from $10,000 to $15,000. The limit of $4,000, still applies to claims that involve a consumer credit transaction1. Whether or not this increase will result in more attorneys filing cases in Conciliation Court remains to be seen, but now is an appropriate time for any attorney thinking of practicing in Conciliation Court to brush up on some of the major differences between Conciliation Court and District Court. Perhaps most importantly, and something of which many attorneys may not be aware, is that Conciliation Court has its own unique set of practice rules, separate from District Court rules.

Submitted by: Glendon Drew, VLN Resource Attorney

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pdfdownload2 August 2014 Tip of the Month – Conciliation Court Update