VLN Staff

VLN Directors

Sue Pontinen

Executive Director
EMAIL:  sue@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6671
FAX:  612-752-6656

Martha Delaney

Deputy Director
EMAIL:  martha@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6676
FAX: 612-752-6656

VLN Staff

Colleen Beebe

Spanish Legal Services Manager
EMAIL: colleen@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6670
FAX:  612-752-6656

Tricia Bogle

Civil Coordinator
EMAIL: patricia@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6674
FAX:  612-752-6656

Laura Busian

Resource Attorney (Housing)
EMAIL: laura@vlnmn.org
PHONE: 612-752-6647
FAX: 612-752-6656

Yaima Couso

Resource Attorney-Criminal Expungement (Robina)
EMAIL: yaima@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6635
FAX:  612-752-6656

Barb Cruz

Spanish Program Coordinator
EMAIL: barb@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6605
FAX:  612-752-6656

Glen Drew

Resource Attorney (Civil, Clinics and Letters to Creditors)
EMAIL:  glen@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6659
FAX: 612-752-6656

Heyli Howard

Clinic Assistant
EMAIL: heyli@vlnmn.org

Heidi Huber

Employment Law Coordinator, Data Manager, & Volunteer Liaison
EMAIL:  heidi@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6658
FAX:  612-752-6656

Nancy Johnson

Administrative Director 
EMAIL:  nancyej@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6644
FAX:  612-752-6656

Luce Guillen-Givins

Intake Specialist 
EMAIL:  luce@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6667

Alexis Phillips

Housing Coordinator
EMAIL: alexis@vlnmn.org
PHONE: 612-752-6635
FAX: 612-752-6656

Cassandra Phillips

Housing Court Pilot Project Manager
EMAIL: cassandra@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6635
FAX:  612-752-6656

Greg Rachwal

Bankruptcy & Family Law Coordinator
EMAIL:  greg@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6673
FAX:  612-752-6656

Kate Kramer

Judge Nancy C. Dreher Bankruptcy Fellow
EMAIL:  Kate@vlnmn.org
PHONE: 612-752-6645
FAX: 612-437-4578

Emma Riese

Intake Specialist
EMAIL:  emma@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6657
FAX:  612-752-6656

Emily Tanner

Office Assistant
EMAIL: emily@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6665
FAX:  612-752-6656

Julie Thelen

Development Coordinator
EMAIL: julie@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6648
FAX:  612-752-6656

Tom Walsh

Resource Attorney (Bankruptcy & Family Law)
EMAIL:  tom@vlnmn.org
PHONE:  612-752-6675
FAX:  612-752-6656

CFPB Financial Coach

Don Fulton AFC®¹, CRC®²

PHONE:  612-752-6687

¹Accredited Financial Counselor®
²Certified Retirement Counselor®