photo of VLN staff posed interior

Photo by Lisa Jaster

VLN Directors

Glen Drew

Program Director
Phone: 612-752-6634
Fax: 612-752-6656

Nancy Johnson

Administrative Director
Phone: 612-752-6644
Fax: 612-752-6656

Tom Walsh

Executive Director
Phone: 612-752-6675
Fax: 612-238-2975

VLN Staff

Emily Koritz

Administrative and Development Assistant
Phone: 612-752-6655
Fax: 612-752-6656

Ana Aleman Gonzalez

Case Coordinator (Immigration)
Phone: 612-752-6635
Fax: 612-752-6656

Anabel Kapelke

Intake Coordinator
Phone: 612-752-6657
Fax: 612-752-6656

Barb Cruz

Case Coordinator (Criminal Expungement)
Phone: 612-752-6605
Fax: 612-752-6656

Brigid Freed

Housing Court Project Coordinator
Phone: 612-752-6648
Fax: 612-752-6656

Chris Kramer

Resource Attorney (Bankruptcy)
Phone: 612-752-6645
Fax: 612-238-2975

Colleen Beebe

Immigration Legal Services Program Manager
Phone: 612-752-6670
Fax: 612-752-6656

Elizabeth Kelly

Housing Project Attorney
Phone: 612-752-6608
Fax: 612-752-6656

Greg Rachwal

Case Coordinator (Family, Bankruptcy)
Phone: 612-752-6673
Fax: 612-238-2973

Heidi Huber

Case Coordinator (Employment) Data Manager, & Volunteer Liaison
Phone: 612-752-6658
Fax: 612-238-2958

Kait Ripley

Case Coordinator (Housing)
Phone: 612-752-6609
Fax: 612-752-6656

Kara Rieke

Resource Attorney (Family)
Phone: 612-752-6649
Fax: 612-752-6656

Liza Messinger

Resource Attorney (Criminal Expungement)
Phone: 612-752-6654

Luce Guillén-Givins

Intake Specialist, Case Coordinator (SIJS)
Phone: 612-752-6667
Fax: 612-752-6656

Maleeha Rizwy

Resource Attorney/Program Manager (Civil)
Phone: 612-752-6651
Fax: 612-752-6656

Megan McKinney

Case Coordinator (Civil, Administrative)
Phone: 612-752-6674
Fax: 612-752-6656

Molly Whelan

Communications and Development Manager
Phone: 612-752-6665
Fax: 612-752-6656

Muria Kruger

Resource Attorney (Housing)
Phone: 612-752-6647
Fax: 612-752-6656